Happy New Year

03/01/2017 arnavnair 2

We thought of releasing this article on third January because it is the day when Earth is closest to the sun, i.e. Perihelion point, and […]


27/11/2016 arnavnair 50

This post was co-written by Monica Ekal along with Arnav Nair. Last week Monica pitched this idea and we thought it would be great to […]

π = 4

22/09/2016 arnavnair 1

Many of you may have come across this proof which proves π = 4. In this video, we’ll take a look at that proof and […]

KT280 Tutorials

22/09/2016 arnavnair 0

I have been working with an educational start up called “KT280” since it’s beginning in January 2014. It was a great experience. We started as […]